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Weight Loss Programs

What Is Our Weight Loss Program?

Whether you're trying to lose weight to improve your look or need to lose weight for health reasons, Dr. Sarah Smith and her team at Luxx Medical Spa and Wellness Center fully understand how much of a struggle weight loss can be. That's why she offers a full spectrum of effective weight loss treatments to help her patients lose unwanted fat, slim down, and achieve their healthy target weight. With options ranging from nutritional counseling and weight loss supplements to medical weight loss medications, Dr. Smith and her team of trained injectors can personalize your weight loss plan to address your unique needs and goals. If you're in Spanish Fork, UT, contact our office today to learn more and schedule a consultation. Let us help you with your weight loss goals to achieve the slimmer, leaner, and healthier body you want.

What To Expect...


Your customized weight loss plan begins with a consultation at our Spanish Fork, UT facility. Our trained injectors will examine you, review your medical history, and listen to your concerns and goals. Depending on your health needs and challenges, they may recommend testing to pinpoint the exact cause of your weight loss problems. After this, they will work with you to create a weight loss plan optimized to help you lose those extra pounds and achieve your target weight. Because each person's challenges are unique, we can use one or a combination of effective weight loss methods and techniques, including:

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Weight Loss Supplements

  • Vitamin Injections

  • Medical Weight Loss Programs

  • And more . . .

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Initial Month of Weight Loss Injections (4 Injections).......$175/mo

Following Months (4 Injections per month)..................................$300/mo

40-75 UNITS = +$50 per injection

75-100 UNITS = +$100 per injection

100+ UNITS = +$175 per injection

Maintenance MWL Injections (4 Injections administered as needed).........$200/4 Injections

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