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Food Sensitivity Testing

What Is Food Sensitivity Testing?

If you suffer from undiagnosed stomach issues, including upset stomach and potential reactions to food such as rash or tightening of your respiratory system, you might have sensitivities to foods in your diet. Food sensitivities, or in more severe cases, allergies, can be quite difficult to pinpoint in our highly varied modern diets. However, finding the foods that are causing you issues is crucial to your long-term health and prevention of worsening symptoms. At Luxx Medical Spa and Wellness Center, Dr. Sarah Smith is happy to offer food sensitivity testing. By finding out what your food triggers might be, we will be able to help you eliminate your discomfort for once and for all. Contact our Spanish Fork, UT office today to arrange your consultation appointment. 

What to Expect...


In your food sensitivity appointment, you will first consult with Dr. Smith or our of our trained professionals. They will determine if you have detected any patterns or reactions to specific food groups on your own. Then, we will collect a small sample, no more than a few drops, of blood. Your blood sample will be sent to the lab where antibodies will be measured for each suspected food or trigger. This test allows us to determine your exact food IgG reactivity levels, meaning we will have accurate results without the inconvenience, time, and unreliability of an elimination diet. Our office will invite you for a follow-up appointment once your results are received to go over the antigen levels and design a strategy for managing your food triggers in the future.

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