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Blood Work Testing

What do we test for? Who is a good candidate?

At Luxx Medical Spa, we offer a wide range of blood work tests. Our most commonly administered tests are listed below:

Hormone Testing

Allergy Testing

Full Metabolic Panel (Liver and Kidney Function, Electrolyte levels, Blood count, etc.)

Food Sensitivity Testing

Autoimmune Testing

Thyroid Testing

Infertility and PCOS Testing

Men and women of all ages and afflictions are great candidates for testing. Following a thorough exam and discussion with Dr. Sarah Smith at our Spanish Fork, UT facility, we will decide on your individualized tests and treatment plan. 

How long does it take?

The initial appointment consists of a consultation and blood draw, which takes between 20-30 minutes total. We then sent your blood to our lab, who processes and tests the blood within 2-3 business days.

During your initial appointment, we will schedule your follow-up appointment with Dr. Smith. This follow-up appointment is to go over the results together and discuss further treatment if needed.


Consult and Labs.........................$400+

Follow-Up Consult and Labs.....$75+

Consult Only...............................$150

Prices vary depending on which test(s) you decide to get. Exact pricing will be given to you following your consult with Dr. Smith determining exactly which tests you will need.

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