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About the O-Shot®

Like the face and body, the vaginal area can be impacted by the effects of age, which can cause women to experience medical, cosmetic, and emotional problems. These are problems that can't be solved with hormones alone. Our experienced team in Spanish Fork, UT offers the O-Shot® for nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation and enhancement. Creating a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum from the growth factors and cytokines in the patient's own blood, the O-Shot® prompts natural regeneration and healing in the vaginal area. This can improve sexual function, sensations, bladder control, and other concerns that many women have. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the minimally invasive O-Shot® at Luxx Medical Spa and Wellness Center.

What to Expect...


The O-Shot® typically takes about 10 – 20 minutes in a private treatment room at Luxx Medical Spa and Wellness Center. Before the procedure, a numbing cream or a local anesthetic is applied to the vaginal area to help patients feel more comfortable.


For the treatment, blood will be drawn from the patient's arm and then prepared into the serum. The PRP serum is injected into the clitoris and upper vaginal area with a very fine needle.


The platelets stimulate the growth of new cells in the injected areas, increasing sensitivity to the touch in these areas. The cells begin to rejuvenate the vagina tissue. Then, the treated areas are cleaned, and the patient is free to leave and resume their normal activities.


Some women may see an immediate difference in symptoms or vaginal tissues, but most women see greater results weeks after the new collagen tissue has had time to regenerate.


Additional injections may be needed to increase the effectiveness of the therapy.

Regain Your Confidence

If age, genetics, or other issues are causing sexual dysfunction or urinary incontinence, schedule a consultation to learn more about the O-Shot® at Luxx Medical Spa and Wellness Center in Spanish Fork, UT. We offer the O-Shot® with PRP serum to help treat medical conditions and allow you to enjoy more pleasurable experiences.




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